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The Center seeks to provide open spaces for individuals and groups that work on liberal cultural productions based on our belief in the necessity of giving the opportunity to reciprocal giving between the institution and society, and building a relationship based on equality and benefit for all parties.

 The Center also opens its space for public use to host activities, events and celebrations of international institutions, companies and missions, in return for a financial contribution that helps the Center provide income for its sustainability and the production of its cultural projects.

By renting out these spaces, we achieve greater self-sufficiency by utilizing the different spaces of the building and we also save income that helps us directly finance our activities and cover the general operating costs of the center. The center provides tea and coffee for the guests and helps with catering arrangements if required.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the provision of income for the center through the use of its spaces. The value of the financial contribution depends on the nature and period of use and the amount of the possible contribution. Please contact us to learn about the available spaces and to know the amount of the proposed contribution.

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