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Team, Board of Directors & General Assembly

About our Team

The center is run by a small energetic staff of six people, working on full or part time basis with the backing of the board and a number of volunteers and external expertise when needed.

Renad Shqeirat
Yazan Khalili
Hadeel Yaqoub
Akef Darawsheh
Yasmin Foqahaa
Ali Arqoub
Suha Zalloum

People whom we have worked with:

Halimeh Magid
Mahdi Baraghithi
Al Hareth Rayan
Amani Yaqoub
Lina Bani Odeh
Rana Anani
Reem Shadid
Lara Khaldi
Hassan Jadda
Nader Khoury
Ziad Al Haj Ali.

The Board Members

The center is managed by a Board of Directors that consists of 7 members, elected once every two years by the general assembly. Board of Directors include:

Samar Awad
Head of Board
Dana Masad
Suad Rashmawi
Honorary member
Mohamad Hamdan
Vera Tamari
Honorary member
Maher Saleh
Honorary member
Nidal Rafe
Honorary member
Nadia Abboushi
Honorary member

The General Assembly

The general assembly consists of 32 members. The assembly includes artists, innovators and professionals from different backgrounds and age groups. The members include:

  • Vera Tamari
  • Nabil Anani
  • Dina Masri
  • Nadia Aboushi
  • Yazan Khalili
  • Sameh Aboushi
  • Ahmad Harb
  • Salam Mashal
  • Lena Sobeh
  • Samer Sharif
  • Majd Hajaj
  • Samar Awad
  • Suad Rashmawi
  • Dana Masad
  • Maher Saleh
  • Nidal Rafe’
  • Raeda Taha
  • Karim Shehadeh
  • Amal Ghadban
  • Ihsan Aladdin
  • Buthaina Duqmaq
  • Marwa Aladdin
  • Rafat Assad
  • Rose Shomali
  • Haifa Baramki
  • Daoud Barakat
  • Mohamad Hamdan
  • Shadi Abdelhadi

Sat ‒ Wed: 10am ‒ 09pm
Thu, Fri. Closed



Monthly Donation

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