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Nobody’s died yet in this house

Nobody’s died yet in this house

Lecture Performance, Installation, 2019

The exhibition explores the concept of the body in public space and the repetition of history through figures with similar names and similar destiny.

Oudeh Mtair from Qalandia Camp (also known by both names, Abo Nahed and Hammurabi), a character that appeared after the martyrdom of his son Nahed, whose cousin was also named by his name “Nahed”. How can they be named the same name and die the same death?!! Remembered as one – the martyr who died twice? How did Mtair end up using “Hammurabi” as his nickname?

What is the relation with Yusuf al-Sudani, who lived in Ramallah and moved his body in circles, until his death in 2016 in the middle of the square? Doesn’t the history also move in circles?

Does space consume madness, or does madness engulf space? The Square in the center of the city is a starting point, the public space is a theater for this kind of performance that in order for it to happen it requires an audience of onlookers, recipients, and participants for this moment of madness. The moment of looking at reality from ground level; the ground level here means the daily actions that force some individuals to commit suicide, martyrdom, body protest, and in most extreme cases self-immolation. At that collective moment, there is no escape for anyone, only a vortex of action and responsibility.

The exhibition is an installation that connects various characters through imaginary letters about Yusuf and his circular movement. In addition to a performance by the artist that occured twice during the exhibition, leaving the performance details in the exhibition space. In addition, films from the artist’s selection that had an impact on the artist research and thinking of the artwork were also screened.

About Dina Mimi:

A visual artist, living and working in Jerusalem, Palestine. Her practice is multi-faceted and uses video, sound, performance, and text. For the past three years, Dina has been interested in issues of death and human remains in the public sphere, such as the normalization of death in public sites, suicide subject; martyrdom, body protest, and self-immolation specifically in Palestine. She has also been researching protest as performance. Recently, for her MFA thesis, she examined the role of the body-force in public space in Palestine. She emphasizes that when the body settles to perform the right to exist becomes non-negotiable.

Dina obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 2016, and her MFA degree in art in the public sphere from ECAV (École cantonale d’art du Valais) in Switzerland. During her studies, Dina has participated in several international art workshops and group exhibitions, such as ‘En Marche’,    the Art Museum of Valais, Sion, 2017. In addition to receiving the Kanik Chung Legacy Fellowship, Boston in 2017, she has also participated in Qalandiya International in 2016.

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