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In Reach Program

In Reach Program

The ‘In-Reach’ Program is the heart of the Center, linking it directly to the community through offering a fully equipped space and the expertise of the staff to organize public arts and culture events for individuals, groups, and collectives. Since 2016, as part of this program, KSCC partnered with a wide range of organizations and groups.

Through this collaborative approach with like-minded partners, KSCC’s public will continue to expand and grow, and the public’s relationship with KSCC and its partners will be reshaped to foster more collaborative artistic and cultural production. Already, members of one group, for example, are becoming participants of events organized by other groups, and at times offering support to each other’s respective initiatives through volunteer work.

The ‘In-Reach’ program brings about an ongoing energy and life at KSCC filled with cultural and political discussions coming from a variety of perspectives and experiments. The program has also the added distinctive advantage of being a low-cost program that at the same time enhances the income generation potential for KSCC through ticket sales, thus strengthening its financial self-reliance.

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