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Land Program

Land Program

The ‘Land Program’ is inspired by several artistic initiatives that have been curated over the past few years through KSCC. It seeks to employ the garden of the Center as part of its cultural movement. This program invites artists and practitioners of other disciplines, including anthropologists, historians, architects, cultural theorists, to engage in experimental pioneering projects based on earth as a medium for artistic expression and questioning.

To develop this program, KSCC is reshaping the space around the center with community partners. The garden includes earth mediums such as soil, rocks, and vegetation found or cultivated-on site, that can be used for artistic research, experimentation, and production. In addition, this program hosts artists in residence with the aim of developing the concept of ‘land as a medium’ through their initiatives, where the outputs could take different formats from workshops to exhibitions. Such artistic research projects may explore relationships between the practice of cultivation and political sovereignty, or research plants and seeds and their movement and migration from one place to the other.

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